Custom Design

Our motto is: “If you can dream it, we’ll make it!”. Our fine jewelry designers and experienced jewelers will help create any piece of jewelry. One-of-a-kind pieces are our specialty and we strive to make your dreams come true.

CAD Technology

We are able to produce any custom design with our professional team of CAD technicians and equipment. We can design, create the models and manufacture jewelry with the final touches always crafted by hand by our experienced jewelers.


We are happy to give you a verbal appraisal, and we also provide a formal written appraisal describing the qualitative and quantitative attributes of the jewelry for Insurance Replacement purposes.

Jewelry Repair

No repair is too big or too small for our in-house team. Our state-of-the-art jewelry studio is staffed with two full time experienced jewelers capable of repairing even the most intricate piece of jewelry.

Stone Remounting

Our experienced jewelers can help you remount your diamonds or gemstones into a new setting. Or you may prefer to create a whole new custom made piece of jewelry.

Watch Battery Replacement

Replacement watch batteries available for most watch brands.  

Rhodium Plating

Our cutting edge studio is capable of plating white gold pieces with rhodium to improve its appearance. Sterling silver may also be rhodium plated to protect it from tarnishing over time. Make your jewelry stand out and also protect it to last a lifetime

Pearl/Bead Restringing

Pearl necklaces can be re-strung by our virtuous artisans by hand knotting each pearl to keep them safe and protect them from friction. Bead necklaces can be given new life by restringing with or without knotting.


We offer polishing and cleaning as a complementary service on most jewelry items. Our friendly staff will also suggest proper care of your jewelry collection.