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Great Lake State

Personalize your Alex & Ani with an engraved State of Michigan charm. A land of great splendors, Michigan carries hope and a contagious energy that cannot be matched.

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Our bridal collection is delicate and elegant. With a crystal at the heart, bring light to the words you wish to say.  It’s the perfect heartfelt keepsake to carry this moment with you, always.

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Words are Powerful

Words hold powerful energy. When you speak something with clarity, presence, and intention, you command the universe to create your will. Use the Words Are Powerful charm bangles as a means to relay a positive message to a loved one, yourself, or the universe. It will be heard.

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Harry Potter

Since 1997, the world has been captivated by the magic of the Harry Potter™ stories from J.K. Rowling. Add a bit of Harry Potter™ style to your bracelet.

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Beaded Color Accents

Hand strung with metal beads and Swarovski® crystals.

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Graduation Collection

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We are the original meaning makers.

Sharing ancient wisdom. Interpreting into modern design. Alive with purpose. Strong and unafraid to speak. Leading the narrative. Carrying light. Impacting communities. EMPOWERING THE WORLD.


Your true self. Who you love. Guiding forces. The spirit of giving back.